Happily awaiting breakfast in HK airport departures.  Process worked like a dream this time. Shuttle to the station, hand over heavy cases, board fast, clean train to Terminal 1, straight through security and immigration.  Thick fog all the way,  but we are off to Singapore


Up at 5.45 am and we won’t get to bed in Hong Kong until the equivalent of 4.00 am tomorrow, a 23 hour day.  Will we even be speaking to each other at the end of it? :-)  The joys of travelling, not.

Thought Rog was going to blow a fuse at the Auckland member of staff who insisted on weighing hand luggage, and deemed we were over. In fact Qantas allow 7  kg for each piece of hand luggage, one of mine was more and one less, they balanced out.  Same for Rog and we were on a Qantas flight.   Despite that fact, she was sticking to a rigid 5 kg, no arguing.  Eventually after much debating and arguing and unpacking, she decided as we had laptops in them, and I had medication in mine, that she could let us through, but this was not the way we wanted to remember New Zealand.  And it won’t be, once we have calmed down!

Arrived Sydney Airport, managing to catch a glimpse of the bridge and opera house on the way down.  It is now 10.30 am their time.  Flight for Hong Kong doesn’t leave until 3.45, so long time trapped in the transit area.  At least they have free WiFi, unlike some airports!

Spoke too soon on that one, the internet failed after we arrived, but not before Rog had attended to his Fantasy Football changes! So some thumb twiddling, but bought Rog a bottle of Dog Point wine for us to drink in Hong Kong, then we had lunch.  With no internet, I have to briefly switch on roaming on my phone to contact the Hong Kong hotel to let them know we will be late.  Just as well I do, am put through to a helpful lad in their Reception, who says they will hold the room.

No problems in Sydney with luggage, very casual really, and our main luggage has been routed through anyway.  Flight delayed by one hour due to ‘catering problems’  Has the food gone off? :-)

Eventually get on board, weather now blue skies and sunshine as our Jumbo heaves its way down the runway and into the skies.  At this point we have been travelling for 31 hours, and only had six and a half hours sleep last night in the Auckland hotel, with the early start.

Airline hot food arrives, we have already eaten at Sydney, but tuck in anyway to while away the time.   This is a nine hour flight, already delayed by one hour.  Books on electronic devices help to pass the time, we watch the sunset out of the window, and at 41,000 feet, can actually see the curve of the earth in front of it as it goes down.  Sydney is two hours behind Auckland, Hong Kong three hours behind Sydney, so tiredness is setting in, and we try to snooze, but sitting upright on a noisy plane, with the a lady adjacent to Rog being sick, it is not easy.

The cabin lights go on again, and another meal comes round.  I can’t face anything more than the fruit salad on this one, but Rog still puts it away.

The last hour is the worst, really uncomfortable and fidgety now, but at last we are on the ground.  Honk Kong airport immigration whisk us through, swift visit to an ATM, find out how to buy train tickets, and we head for the train to Kowloon.  Fortunately one comes in two minutes.  That is great, but when we reach the taxi queue, as the hotel shuttle has now stopped, it is 11.40 pm, there are 50 people ahead of us in the queue, and only the occasional one arriving.

It is after midnight before we get one, a battered old thing with our luggage in the boot stopping it closing, and I have visions of cases falling out and getting run over.  However we make it to the hotel, are warmly welcomed despite the hour, and luggage and ourselves quickly taken to our room.  It is beautiful, with stunning views across the harbour, but it is now 1.10am, actually 6.10 am from Auckland time, and must crawl into bed after more than 24 hours with no real sleep!  Perhaps manage photos on the Hong Kong page tomorrow, internet here is free.

Have bid Barbara and Bill a sad goodbye, now waiting at Queenstown for flight to Auckland.  Brief overnight stop then early flight tomorrow to Sydney, and connection to Hong Kong, 9 hour flight that one, with 11.00 pm arrival ay hotel.  You can imagine not looking forward to this too much.

Would have loved to have been able to have spent  longer in New Zealand, especially as the weather is now beautifully settled, but all good things have to end sometime.


How’s this for an airport situation?!

On our way to the Doubtful Sound ( actually a fjord) for a couple of days, including overnight cruise to
catch crayfish.  Stopped off at the Lazybones Cafe en route. Scenery has been completely breathtaking, and we haven’t even got there yet, just taking advantage of the cafe’s WiFi!


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